Success is a project that is always under construction

Our Equipment

Single Drum Rollers

In use for rearranging particles in the soil to decrease voids and increase density. They provide the surface with load-bearing strength.

Low loader Plus Prime Mover

Ensures effective transport of slow-moving vehicles (such as Harvesters) from place to place.

Our Services

Waki Construction Division offers its clients various services. Some of them include:

  • Road Construction
  • Designing and Costing of Dams and Pans
  • Consulting Services
  • Transportation of Equipment
  • Hiring of Equipment
  • Desilting of Dams

and more.

Our projects

We have been able to carry out various projects successfully in water works, that is, dams and pans construction and road works` throughout the country. This has greatly been influenced by our competent staff who have acquired a wealth of experience over the years and also the fact that we have the equipment and machinery required to deliver the projects.